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Ariane 6, centerpiece of the 69th International Astronautical Congress (IAC) in Bremen (October 1–5, 2018) 09-20-2018 |  2 minutes



  • The IAC is one of the world’s premier global space events, bringing together key players from all sectors
  • Back in Europe for the first time since 2012, the 69th IAC will be held in Bremen, a major space industry center and an ArianeGroup home city
  • ArianeGroup’s Bremen site is producing the upper stage for the Ariane 5 launcher and developing the upper stage for the future Ariane 6
  • An emblematic ¼-scale Ariane 6 has been erected at the IAC site, heralding visitors to the event
  • At IAC 2018, ArianeGroup will be taking part in numerous panels and sessions, on topics such as future space missions and the role of industry


This year’s International Astronautical Congress (IAC) will take place on October 1–5 in Bremen, Germany, at the city’s Exhibition & Conference Center.

Organized by the International Astronautical Federation (IAF), the IAC is the space industry’s headline annual event. Ahead of the event, on 17 September, an imposing ¼-scale model of the ArianeGroup-primed Ariane 6 future European launcher was erected in front of the Conference Center – a symbol of the launcher’s importance and the keen interest it generates across the whole space community.

Specialist ArianeGroup personnel will participate in a range of programmed sessions, including panel discussions, plenary and technical sessions, and interactive presentations. Two key highlights are the panels on

  • “The role of industry in Lunar Exploration” (Tuesday, October 2, 9.40-10.40)
  • “What will shape the future of European launchers?” (Wednesday, October 3, 9.40-10.40),

at which ArianeGroup senior management will be speaking.

The IAC has not been held in Europe since 2012, and the 2018 event with Bremen, a city closely linked with the history of space, as host provides the ideal opportunity for the European space sector to highlight the range and innovativeness of its activities. For ArianeGroup, Bremen is especially pertinent: it is the site of one of the company’s centers of excellence, specialized in the development of Ariane launchers from the very start of the program. 

At Bremen, ArianeGroup builds the Ariane 5 upper stage, including the vehicle equipment bay, the “brain” of the launcher.

ArianeGroup at Bremen is also shaping the future of access to space, with the upper stage of the new Ariane 6 launcher which will undertake its maiden flight in 2020. Pre-integration operations on the first model began on September 17.

The IAC brings together the entire space community – scientists, industry and agency representatives, astronauts, political decision-makers, journalists, and the increasingly-interested general public – and provides a forum for a comprehensive overview of latest trends and developments. The IAC theme this year is “Involving Everyone”, with particular emphasis on the value of collaboration between all players, and the need to raise awareness among the younger generation of the challenges facing the sector.


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