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Faces of Ariane 6: Murat Tamay, Mechanical Integration Operator 05-07-2021 |  3 minutes


We continue our series talking to employees who help produce the upper stage of the new European Ariane 6 launcher

Before joining ArianeGroup, Murat worked as a locomotive mechanic at a railroad company. In 2006, he went from railways to space in order to work on integration of the upper stage of the Ariane 5 and Ariane 6 launchers.

What is your role in the Ariane 6 upper stage production?

As mechanical operator in the integration team working on the Ariane 6 upper stage, I am involved in integrating a range of components. I work hand in hand with other engineering departments to ensure integration and testing of components so that prototypes and the first flight model function properly.

How do you feel about taking part in this exceptional program?

I am especially proud of what we have accomplished as a team. We recently completed a key phase of the project by delivering the Hot Firing Model of the Ariane 6 upper stage. I was thrilled.

What are your goals for the future?

I would love to be part of the launch campaign team at the European Spaceport in French Guiana, and be able to watch the first Ariane 6 launcher take off. I also aim to join the integration teams for the next upper stages for Ariane 6.

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