Space Inspiration

How do you see Ariane? We would love to see your vision of the rocket. Here’s one sent in by a fan 07-22-2020 |  8 minutes


This is LiftOffRockets’ infographic detailing the Ariane rocket series. We like it a lot and would like to share it with you.

(This is entirely the work of Adrien Gasquet (LiftOffRockets). ArianeGroup is not responsible for the accuracy of the facts expressed in it, nor for any details of expression or presentation.)

Our thanks to Adrien Gasquet of LiftOffRockets! You can find all his space designs on Instagram.

If, like Adrien, you are inspired by Ariane and the space adventure, don’t hesitate to put #ArianeGroup on your posts. Don’t forget, our community (that means you!) is a source of inspiration for us, too!