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Number-crunching Ariane 6 – Ariane 62 and Ariane 64 04-29-2022 |  2 minutes


What are the differences between Ariane 62 and Ariane 64? Some numbers will help explain.


  • 2 versions available, depending on the performance needed to carry out the mission. Ariane 62 with 2 boosters and Ariane 64 with 4. 
  • 4,500 kg to geostationary transfer orbit (GTO), or 10,000 kg to low Earth orbit (LEO): this is the mass that Ariane 62 can carry. 
  • 11,500 kg to GTO and 20,000 kg to LEO: these are the payload figures for Ariane 64. 
  • 530 metric tons and 850 metric tons: these are the launch masses of Ariane 62 and Ariane 64. 530 metric tons corresponds to 300 times the weight of an average car. 
  • 62 m: this is the height of Ariane 64 or Ariane 62 when fitted with its longest 20 m fairing, for example for constellation deployment missions (as compared with 57 m, or exactly the height of the 1st floor of the Eiffel Tower, when Ariane 62 opts for the 14-m long fairing).
  • 5.40 m: the diameter is the same for Ariane 62 and Ariane 64, corresponding to just over twice the width of a city bus, giving some idea of how much room there is inside. 
  • 4,650 kN: the thrust of an Ariane 6 booster in a vacuum (3,500 kN at lift-off, with an average of 4,500 kN. Ariane 62 and Ariane 64 are fitted with the same boosters, the only difference being the number).

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The two Ariane 6 launcher variants may be designed for different missions, but the same ArianeGroup design and production expertise is meticulously applied to both of them.

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