Space Inspiration

Space Artist #3: Enjoy the humor in @Cult.Class retro-futuristic collages 10-11-2021 |  2 minutes


ArianeGroup takes us to Philadelphia in the United States, the place @cult.class (real name Caitlyn Grabenstein) calls home. She works as a full-time artist after studying sociology in college and a long stint in the music industry.

Our place – @cult.class

Can you tell us about your digital collages?

The practice of art, in some form or another, has always been part of my life. I started making collages when I was working in the music industry; I was always looking for original graphics for concert posters. I ended up falling in love with creating collages and now I make them all the time. 

Yours is a mysterious universe; your collages have a retro feel and are often humorous. Tell us more…

When I’m choosing elements to include in my collages, I love combining time periods, making the past, present and future intertwine. When it comes to humor, I’ve always loved comedy; I imagine that’s had a strong influence on my work. Life is too short to take yourself too seriously !

The Desert Inn – @cult.class

As an artist, what does space mean to you, and how do you view ArianeGroup ?

To me, space mostly represents the unknown. But it also represents beauty. As an artist, I think galaxies, planets and stars are gorgeous.

When I think of ArianeGroup, I think of hope and adventure.

The conquest of space and technological advancements, those at ArianeGroup in particular, are very inspiring. It makes me feel like the sky’s the limit (literally !).

Modern Icarus – @cult.class

What disciplines have the most influence on your art? And what are your daily sources of inspiration?

I think film and music influence me the most. Music is full of emotion; I think my work is a visual representation of many emotions.

Otherwise, I run every day and also play the guitar. These two hobbies really help clear my mind and inspire calm creativity. Also, daily human struggles and emotions are a great source of inspiration.

Van Life – @cult.class

What inspires you to choose the elements in your collages: characters, planets, UFOs ?

To tell you the truth, I think my art comes down to aesthetics and emotions. The elements that I use are simply a byproduct of the visual and emotional world that I’m trying to convey.

Space has once again captured the world’s imagination. What do you think the link between art and space is ?

I think space makes life seem boundless and gives people hope.

Whenever I see photos of space, I think it’s art. It’s beautiful. I believe that art and space are undoubtedly connected.

Summer saturdaze – @cult.class

Any final thoughts ?

I try to stay disciplined in my daily routine. It’s what helps nurture my inspiration and leads me to new projects.

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