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Space Artists #1: check out the poetic digital collages by Spanish artist Funky Vision Art 09-07-2021 |  3 minutes


Space Art is an artistic movement that emerged in the late 19th century, at a time when space became a topic of study and fantastical musings in science and literature. Painters and visual artists embraced cosmic concepts and imagined spatial realms, whether dreamlike or imbued with realism.

Today, major breakthroughs in space travel and a surging interest in the space industry have encouraged a large number of artists to fuel the movement and expand its breadth thanks to digital technology and other innovative techniques.

As a result, ArianeGroup has decided to interview several contemporary Space Artists to reveal their fascination with space and understand how our industry, the design of our launch vehicles and our advanced technologies have inspired their work.


Our series begins in Salamanca, Spain, where we talked to designer and artistic director Juan Carlos Garcia aka Funky Vision Art. 

Can you tell us about your artistic focus and your digital collages ?

I’ve always been a fan of collages. I think it’s a great way to tell stories and to portray an imaginary reality. Such an art form provides multiple creative possibilities and infinite artistic freedom.

The universe I create is very personal; my aim is to transform everyday scenes into extraordinary, emotion-filled displays.

What is your relationship with space ?

I’ve always been fascinated by space and what is ‘out there’. When you think of it, the universe itself is a work of art: its motion, its spheres. It’s a magical place in which mystery and aesthetical perfection converge. 

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    @Niña-telescopio – Funky Vision Art

    How does the space industry inspire you ?

    The aesthetic experience with regards to space, in which ArianeGroup plays a role as an industrial player, is quite powerful. Both the concept and the creative possibilities are extremely interesting. I believe that humankind has an innate desire for exploration and discovery, and I’m always keen on learning about our technological advancements.

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      @Niña-Hula-Hop - Funky Vision Art

      The planets in our solar system are a main and recurrent theme in my work. Very often, I’ll devise miniature worlds in which satellites and orbits revolve around my characters.

      What are your main sources of inspiration ?

      My inspiration primarily comes from the seventh art and anything that has to do with science fiction and space travel. Through my artwork, I always try to convey how special our universe is. Regardless of how minuscule we may seem, we are nevertheless part of a whole. It’s a truly powerful concept.

      What is the relation between space and art ?

      Since ancient times, humankind has been fascinated by the heavens. Space has continuously captured people’s imagination unlike any other subject. From minute atoms to gigantic planets, everything has its rightful place in the universe: a geometrically perfect realm and art incarnate.

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        @Hombre-playa – Funky Vision Art

        To this day, space exploration has helped fuel dreams. Do you have space-related aspirations ?

        I would love it if one day one of my artistic creations could be part of a space mission. Perhaps an emblem on an astronaut’s spacesuit ? That would be brilliant !

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          @Niño-Camnicas - Funky Vision Art

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          Check out Funky Vision Art’s collages on his Instagram account.